Setup SVN in Android Studio

  1. Download Apache Subversion command line tools latest version. Download Here
  2. Unzipped in a folder. Find folder “bin” inside it.
  3. Go to settings – > Version control -> Subversion
  4. Don’t check Enable interactive mode if that option present under Use command line client option. Don’t forget to give the end name like svn.exe last as per image.
  5. Apply -> Ok
  6. Restart your android studio now.
  7. Again Go to VCS > Enable Version Control Integration
  8. Select Subversion > 1.8 plugin > Click OK
  9. To checkout a project, choose “VCS” => “Checkout from Version Control” => “Subversion”
  10. Select the same project where you want to checkout and click OK
  11. Restart the Android Studio and find all actions related to SVN like check-in/check-out in Android Studio

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