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GitHubGist is useful to share Code, Notes and snippets publicly on your website or blog. It’s maintained by GitHub.

Well concept is very straight forward using Gist once you upload your content on based on your file extension Gist auto detects language and accordingly formats your content. Since it looks good and well formatted we like it 😍

🧐Lets know more how you can make use of GitHubGist for your website or blog

  • Login to GitHubGist here by clicking on Sign In button. If you don’t have account then click on Sign up for a GitHub account to proceed further.

  • You can notice you are successfully logged in by looking at your profile picture on right side top corner.

  • Now click on New gist text present besides your profile. New screen will open which will look like

Gist description:
It can be anything which describe about your code, notes or snippets.

File name including extension:
The syntax highlighting is auto-detected based on the extension of the file name that you enter, so be sure you add the appropriate level of detail.

Create secret gist:
Secret gists are hidden from search engines but visible to anyone you give the URL

Create public gist:
Search engines can add in there search results and visible to everyone.

Add File:
On your single post if you want to show multiple snippets, but not in single syntax highlighter then with this feature you can split your stuff and improve reading experience.

– Simply copy paste your code in black section below File extension and publish gist publicly by clicking Create public gist or secretly Create secret gist

  • Once you are done with your Gist, you will be presented with a confirmation page. Click the show embed link and copy/paste the script tag on to your website.

That’s All,
I’d like to see your feedback after integrating GitHubGist to your sites.

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