Debug Android app over Wi-Fi

  1. Open Command Prompt (cmd)
    go to path till android sdk platform tools. e.g.  C:\Users\nikhil\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools
  2. Type
    adb usb
  3. Type
    adb devices
  4. Type
    adb tcpip 5556
  5. Type
    adb connect <Your device IP address>
    Note: To check device IP address go to settings > About Phone > Status > IP address
    You will find status as “Connected to”
  6. Remove USB and Enjoy

Another Way 🙂

There is another way where you can connect your android phone using 3rd party software PdaNet + for that you need to download

> PdaNet + Android app from Play Store.  Download Here
> PdaNet + Desktop app. Download  Here

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